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The Story of The Trust

Founded in 2020

The Trust Partnership was launched at a meeting in Waycross held on November 20, 2020 to adress the opioid and substance use disorders that are afflicting Brantley, Pierce, and Ware   Counties. The event was headlined as “COVID-19 and the Opioid Crisis – When a Pandemic and    Epidemic Collide”. 

The tri-county Family Connections partnered with the Southeast Health District to raise awareness of the disorder; to establish a regional coalition; and to introduce and encourage the use of overdose detection mapping.  130 cross-sector partners were brought up to date on the subject by local experts and those in recovery.   Participants were trained in the use of Narcan and each left with a Narcan kit.

A second meeting was hosted by Brantley County Family Connection on January 22 via Zoom. Meetings will continue monthly as we embrace our mission to create a safety net for those suffering from opioid and substance use disorders. We will engage professional and lay leaders from the tri-county region to collaboratively develop strategies that will address prevention, rescue,  treatment, and recovery.

Our vision is that the communities of Brantley, Pierce and Ware County are opioid and substance abuse free; that the community at large is aware of and able to employ rescue practices that save lives; and that those suffering from this disorder have access to and support throughout treatment and recovery.

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