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We Can Help on Your Recovery Journey

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a complex and chronic condition that can develop when a person consistently abuses drugs and/or alcohol or exhibits behavior concerning a person, place or thing that is considered a repetitive unhealthy attachment. Someone who is addicted to a substance continues to abuse their drug of choice regardless of the negative consequences that may arise due to use. Addiction causes changes in the brain that can make it challenging to quit using. Formal substance abuse treatment can help rectify maladaptive behaviors and replace them with healthier, drug-free behaviors.

Recovery starts with asking for help

It takes courage to seek help for a drug problem. But remember: treatment works, there are many paths to help, and people recover every day.

We know the barriers to successful drug and alcohol treatment and that a person’s environment of people, places and things cause the cycle to continue on. Brantley, Pierce, and Ware have a variety of recovery options. Help is only an ask away.

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